Guiding Philosophy


We value, above all, our ability to serve our members.

We are committed to the highest standards of professional conduct.

In light of the changing Transportation and Logistics environment, we are committed to providing our members with timely information, ideas and opportunities for professional interaction to enable them to better serve their customers and clients.


The purpose of the Association for Transportation Law, Logistics and Policy is to equip our members with the necessary tools to be vital resources for their companies, firms, customers and clients who compete in a constantly changing and increasingly global transportation and logistics marketplace. To accomplish this purpose, the Association will:

(a) provide educational offerings of the highest quality that are designed, among other things, to eliminate surprises and afford opportunities for the exchange of information among professionals involved in logistics and all modes of transportation;

(b) encourage the highest standards of conduct among transportation and logistics professionals;

(c) promote the proper administration of laws and policies affecting transportation and logistics; and

(d) engage in continual strategic planning designed to maintain this Association as the premier organization of its type in the world.


We are a global transportation and logistics organization, proud of our heritage, enthusiastic about our future and driven to exceed the expectations of our present and future members. We are leaders in providing educational opportunities, promoting transportation and logistics efficiencies, encouraging professional conduct and facilitating the free flow of information and exchange of ideas in the constantly changing and highly competitive Transportation and Logistics environment.

Our executive staff, our national and local officers, our committee members and our members at-large participate in and take responsibility for doing whatever is necessary to enable each of our members to excel in the highly competitive, worldwide Transportation and Logistics marketplace in which we participate.