Association Highlights

Association Highlights, is the most comprehensive and authoritative digest of current developments in transportation law, regulation and court activity in the U.S. today. Highlights is written not by journalists, but by attorneys highly respected in their specific fields. Association Highlights provides updates on antitrust, aviation, hazardous materials transportation, customs, labor law, maritime, trucking, railroads, DOT and agency happenings, transportation safety, transportation security. It frequently contains guest columns by various experts. Articles are posted on a weekly basis on the ATLP Blog.

Journal of Transportation Law, Logistics and Policy

Our quarterly Journal of Transportation Law, Logistics & Policy contains academic-quality articles on timely subjects of interest to transportation and shipper attorneys and officials, covering all modes. Contributors to the Journal include practicing attorneys, legal and academic experts, government officials, and many others. The Journal’s subscribers consist of Association members, Supreme, Federal, State and Local courts, government libraries, as well as university libraries around the world.